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Jesse DeRose

I align people and processes with business goals to help companies succeed.

About Me

Lasting operational resilience stems from people, not from technology. What often appears as a one-time crisis is part of a much larger system influenced by the people, processes, and systems that make up an organization. To achieve lasting success, an organization must focus on the larger system rather than the immediate problem.

I’m focused on lasting impact via long-term change instead of short-term patches. Experience in industries such as EdTech, e-commerce, FinTech, virtual care, and cyber security allows me to facilitate projects across departments and management levels.


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The Secret Ingredient Duckbill Looks for in Employees

You don't entice employees by what you do, but by why you do it.

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How Storytelling Can Shape Your Cloud Cost Management Strategy

Storytelling can change the narrative of your cloud cost management strategy by opening up communication and sharing business context across your organization.

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AWS Cost Allocation Guide: Identifying Your Costs

Accurately identifying your AWS usage is the first step to understanding your AWS spend.

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AWS Cost Allocation Guide: Aggregating and Assigning Cloud Costs

Part two of Duckbill's AWS Cost Allocation Guide focuses on making sure the all that spend data is allocated and shared with the right people to help them make data-driven decisions.

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Podcast Appearances


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Controlling Cloud Costs with Culture

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